Community Outreach

Skin Cancer Awareness Month 2018

SCARS Center have also connected with the greater Orange County community through events like Relay for Life where we make our presence known as one of Orange County’s most trusted, leading experts on all things skin cancer whilst supporting others in the area with similar cancer awareness goals.

The month of May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month where healthcare clinics, hospitals, physicians, and passionate community members aim at educating the public on prevention, detection, treatment, and aftercare for all forms of skin cancer. With 5.4 million cases in more than 3.3 million people diagnosed annually, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. Fortunately, skin cancer is also one of the most preventable forms of cancer and highly treatable when detected early. Skin Cancer and Reconstructive Surgery (SCARS) Center promotes understanding, preventing, and treating skin cancer for patients in Orange County through its website information and social campaigns.


Skin Cancer and Reconstructive Surgery (SCARS) Center participates annually in promoting Skin Cancer Awareness Month. As the leading skin cancer management facility it’s goal to educate the public on all things skin cancer including prevention, treatment, and after care. SCARS Center social media posts feature sun safety tips and tricks, skin cancer facts and figures, and inspiring skin cancer journey photos. It’s website is stocked full of educational resources from types of skin cancers to types of treatments, recommendations for high quality sunscreens, informational blog posts, and more! The SCARS Center also have multiple physicians who would be more than happy to give you an annual skin check and answer any questions you may have. 


Skin Cancer and Reconstructive Surgery (SCARS) Center is an all-inclusive skin cancer treatment facility, located in Newport Beach, California. The center is designed to assist patients seeking a variety of treatment options in one, convenient location. SCARS Center is Orange County’s premiere skin cancer center, offering patients, physicians, and the community a credible, reliable, and convenient resource for understanding, preventing, and managing skin cancer.


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