Skin Cancer Prevention

Famous People with Skin Cancer


Often thought to be perfect when placed in front of a camera, celebrities seem surreal and essentially flawless. It’s often forgotten that celebrities are regular human beings like the rest of us. That means they go grocery shopping, pay their bills, and can be diagnosed with skin cancer just like anyone else. Skin cancer does…

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Melanoma In Situ


What Is the Treatment for Melanoma in Situ? Melanoma in situ must be treated surgically. The surgery for stage 0 melanoma is usually done by a board certified surgeon on an outpatient basis. If you have a melanoma in situ removed, you may need another operation, to ensure a wider margin and reduce the chance…

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Signs of Basal Cell Carcinoma

In the United States basal cell carcinoma is considered the most common type of cancer to occur across the population. Basal cell carcinoma occurs in both sexes, in every age bracket, in every socio-economic division, and in every area of the country. The most common cause for basal cell carcinoma is extended exposure to ultraviolet light…

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Risk Factors and Treatments For Squamous Cell Carcinoma


Who Is at Risk for SCC? Although UV radiation from the sun and tanning beds is the biggest cause of skin damage in all individuals, some people are at higher risk than others for developing SCC. These include those who: Are more than 50 years old Are male Have fair skin, blonde hair, and blue…

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How to Stay Sun Safe


Be it summer, winter, fall, or spring, protecting yourself from the sun never really changes. Following these sun safety tips will not only keep your skin healthy and safe, but prevent signs of aging too!   Slip Slap Slop Sunscreen is one of the most important ways to stay sun safe- especially if you have…

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Smoking and Skin Cancer


Skin Cancer’s Effects Aren’t Only Caused From UV Rays Lung cancer comes to mine for many when they think of smoking, but what many people aren’t aware of is that the risk of skin cancer actually increases in those who smoke on a regular basis. Researchers have found that people who currently smoke and even…

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