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When skin cancer is removed it can leave an area of the face or body in disrepair. The wound present after skin cancer removal is referred to as a defect. Skin cancer defects can range in size and frequently need the expertise of a board certified cosmetic surgeon for repair. An experienced surgeon will choose the appropriate reconstructive technique based on the location and depth of the defect. 

About Regional Flap

 A regional flap is similar to an island flap, but it is used when a much larger section of tissue is required to repair a skin cancer defect. In a regional flap deeper layers of tissue or muscle are involved to repair the structure of the area being reconstructed. This is sometimes seen in very invasive or advanced skin cancers on the nose. Regional flaps will vary in size and difficulty, depending on the area being repaired, but, in general, these flaps can be done in several stages, meaning the patient will undergo multiple surgeries to achieve the best cosmetic outcome. 

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