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The surgical removal of skin cancer will result in what is referred to as a defect-an opening or wound where the skin cancer once existed. Skin cancer defects vary depending on the size, location, and depth of the previous skin cancer. If defects are not reconstructed properly, it can result in unsightly and unnecessary scarring. When faced with a skin cancer diagnosis, learn about the expected treatment outcome and consider the professional opinion of an experienced facial plastic surgeon.

About Linear Closure

A linear closure is one of the most straightforward techniques used by plastic surgeons. It involves the surgeon cutting a small amount of extra skin to change the shape of the wound from a circle to a fusiform (an oval with angled ends). Once the cut is made, the surgeon closes the wound starting from the inside, and working his or her way out toward the outermost layer of the skin. If needed, additional sutures may be placed externally.


Patients who undergo linear closure can expect their skin to continue healing for a period of 6-10 weeks after surgery. Scar treatment and aftercare for skin health maintenance is available at our facility for patients interested in refining the skin after cancer treatment. 

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At SCARS Center, our plastic surgeons and Mohs dermatologists work together to provide the most cosmetically sounds outcomes possible. If you would like a second opinion after a skin cancer diagnosis, or would like to be referred by your current dermatologist to SCARS Center, contact us today.

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