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Skin cancer can affect any part of the face or body. Once it is removed, there is a chance that a patient will be left with what is referred to as a skin cancer defect-a hole or wound where the cancer once existed. A surgeon will choose the appropriate reconstructive technique based upon the size, location, and depth of the defect. At SCARS Center, our Mohs dermatologists and facial plastic surgeons work together to create a customized treatment plan to achieve skin cancer cure and the ideal cosmetic outcome. 

About Island Flap

The island flap technique is commonly used in areas that require advanced skin cancer reconstruction. The areas can include the nose, eyelids or canthus (the area where the eyelids meet), and the ear.


Island flaps are used to repair wounds in areas that need to maintain their structure to look cosmetically appealing. Island flaps vary in size and difficulty, depending on the location and size of the skin cancer defect. The island flap takes skin, tissue, and muscle from a nearby source, and repositions it to close the open wound. Since the skin is not entirely removed from one area and placed on another, it offers a good source of blood flow to encourage the healing of the wound.

Do you have skin cancer in a sensitive area?

SCARS Center surgeons work closely with local dermatologists to offer Orange County patients the most cosmetically conscious reconstructive treatments possible. Ask your dermatologist to refer you today. 

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