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When skin cancer is removed, a variable sized defect can be left. This is an opening in the skin where the cancer once existed. Depending on the location of the defect, the size, and the depth, certain surgical considerations will be made to determine the best way to close the wound. An experienced surgeon will plan ahead with the dermatologist, consider the functional aspects of the area being treated, and choose the best reconstructive technique for an ideal outcome. 

About Local Flap

A local flap is a reconstructive technique used for defects in areas that do not require a considerable amount of tissue or muscle movement for a cosmetically sound outcome.


In a local flap procedure the appropriate amount of surface tissues and skin is cut and rearranged so as to close the wound effectively. The tissue that is cut will remain connected to the donor site of the skin throughout the procedure. In other words, it will not be cut from one area and moved to another, rather, an incision will be made, the skin will be shifted, and sutures will be applied. This allows for uninterrupted blood flow in the tissues as they heal. 

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