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We're here for our patients. At SCARS Center we use a team approach to cure skin cancer and provide cosmetically conscious results in one, convenient location.

Skin Cancer Specialists

Mohs Dermatologists

Mohs dermatologists are trained in the advanced technique of Mohs micrographic surgery, a surgical procedure that removes skin cancer while saving as much healthy skin as possible. Our dermatologists will guide patients toward the best treatment plan for their needs. 

Skin Cancer Treatment

SCARS Center is equipped to manage skin cancer with surgical and non surgical treatment techniques. We customize each patient's treatment plan, depending on their individual diagnosis and personal needs. 

Skin Cancer Cure

We work as a team with a diverse group of skin cancer specialists to bring our patients what they need: skin cancer cure. 

Plastic Surgeons

Our team of board certified plastic surgeons provides reconstructive expertise and superior cosmetic outcomes.

On Site Surgery Center

Skin cancer patients no longer have to travel between offices for skin cancer treatment. At SCARS Center, we treat the patient from beginning to end, in one, convenient location.

Cosmetically Conscious Results

Our team approach allows patients, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons to work together to select the most appropriate and cosmetically conscious outcome possible.

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SCARS Center is home to some of the most widely respected dermatologists and plastic and reconstructive surgeons in Orange County.



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