Many patients have been hesitant of dermatologic and cosmetic procedures due to the fear of leaving scars. 

Patients who have surgical or biopsy scars may be hesitant to undergo more procedures.

Surgical scars occur for various reasons including high tension closures, swelling, a mismatch of skin during closure, complications such as infections interfering with wound healing and simply genetics. 

But did you know that your scars can be treated? 

There are several approaches to treating scars, old and new. We can use simple techniques such as silicone based products, steroid injections, massage and even laser, and if all else fails, there is always surgical scar revision. 

This patient presented to us with a three year history of a scar on the right cheek from a previous Mohs and reconstruction performed at an outside facility. The scar was thickened, raised, and emotionally distressing to the patient. It was a reminder of a surgery plagued with complications.

We performed a scar revision on this patient, which involved meticulous micro techniques to remove the scar and replace it with unaffected tissue. 

There is typically minimal downtime for scar revision procedures, and we work closely with you afterwards to ensure proper scar healing.