Anesthesia Anxiety No More

Don’t let the fear of anesthesia hold you back from pursuing surgical procedures.

Our patients now have the option for an alternative to general anesthesia known as Gentle Sleep. Instead of deep anesthesia, it induces stage 2 sleep, and when used in combination with other medications, it achieves a comfortable state for patients. We are now using it routinely at our on-site surgery center.

During Gentle Sleep, patients may cough, reposition themselves, and breathe without assistance. This is a more normal state for patients than deep sedation or general anesthesia. 

“It has been a real game changer for our practice,” says Dr. Simon Madorsky. “Gentle Sleep is so well tolerated by patients, that it allows the surgeon to take time needed for superb results without pressure to rush.” 

It is especially revolutionary for our older patients and those with certain health conditions. When it comes to cosmetic–or elective–surgery, some of these patients are not good candidates for general anesthesia. This is often a barrier for them to have these procedures. With gentle sleep, this barrier disappears.

Watch this video to learn more.