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What could you and Bob Marley have in common?

What should you do when you notice a lesion or area of your foot that looks different from the rest of your skin? Should you go to your primary care doctor? A dermatologist? A podiatrist? The lesion could be a variety of things including a wart, an ulcer, a fungal infection, a bruise or blood…

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A Simple Cream for Cancer with Not Always Simple Consequences

Some patients find themselves with a large number of skin cancers and pre-cancerous lesions. While surgical excision is recommended for certain types of skin cancer, pre-cancers and superficial skin cancers can often be treated in other ways. These non-surgical options are often ideal for patients with many lesions who want to limit the number of…

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Many patients have been hesitant of dermatologic and cosmetic procedures due to the fear of leaving scars.  Patients who have surgical or biopsy scars may be hesitant to undergo more procedures. Surgical scars occur for various reasons including high tension closures, swelling, a mismatch of skin during closure, complications such as infections interfering with wound healing and simply genetics.  But did you…

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