This was a chapter, but it’s not my story

If working towards a PhD at UC Irvine was not enough, Klebea was also planning her wedding in Brazil. Wedding photos would be memories for the rest of her life. She was hoping to improve the unsightly scar on her cheek, a painful reminder of a past skin cancer removal. She was referred to Dr.…

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A Cosmetic Procedure Reveals Skin Cancer

A former teacher in her sixties came to Dr. Steven Daines for a CO2 laser treatment­ to diminish her fine lines and brown spots. She had no idea how important this visit would become. While prepping her for the laser procedure, Dr. Daines noticed a tiny black mark on her cheek. “I thought it was…

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Introducing our Research Team: Over the Years

With the support of the SCARS Foundation, SCARS Center has its very own research team established. This team handles clinical research, publishing scientific articles, medical conferences, and creating educational videos. An Former Medical and Research Assistant, Tumor Conference Coordinator She is graduating as a PA in 2020. Anthony Former Medical and Research Assistant His expected…

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